Jagermeister, the German herbal liqueur, has recently launched a new national advertising campaign promoting itself as more than just a party drink. Hoping to move the brand away from the ‘Jager bomb’ image, the new advertising design is presenting Jagermeister as a premium alternative to other popular spirits offered by Sourz, Smirnoff and Bacardi.

Sophistication is definitely in the ascendancy with these new adverts. Although the layout appears relatively simple the creative use of star anise, cardamom pods and poppy seeds (all key ingredients of the drink) together with the dark, cracked ice block background delivers an arresting, eye catching billboard advertising campaign. The strapline ‘Jagermeister. It runs deep’ is to the point and the simplicity works well with their traditional stag logotype, helping deliver the call to actions ‘Give it a shot’ and ‘Deep freeze’ with immediacy. As with any successful advertising the product placement is key and although a familiar brand the bold use of the Jagermeister bottle together with the shot glasses creates a real impact.

It’s hoped their forthcoming campaign will broaden the drink‚Äôs consumer base whilst still appealing to younger drinkers, I can’t help feeling it will enjoy further substantial growth in the spirits industry with such strong creative design.

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